Saturday, November 15, 2008

With a Vengeance!

I have not forgotten you!

The theatre season has started with a vengeance and it has been terribly difficult to post here.
I barely had a day off in October and here is November half gone already. The Ballet's first program was a nice treat and the Opera kicks off this evening with La Traviata. The good thing is that the bank account is recovering nicely from the off-season, but I do miss having the time to post here. I promise to keep up as much as possible.

The kids are driving us a bit crazy. They suffer somewhat when we work too much, even though their grandparents hang out to keep an eye on them. Report cards were not so good and the constant bickering is just too much. We just keep plugging as any parent can.

I would have liked to post some pictures, just to keep things going, but of course my camera died just when we got busy. I did manage to pick up a nice Pentax at a great price from So I will leave you with this little tidbit:

That's my view of things!