Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fighting For the Rock Star's education. Pt. 3

We have a winner!

Having not heard anything about Rock Star's schedule change, I called the school again. I was put on hold for 10 minutes, hung up and called again. They hung up on me. Whoever mans the phones in the guidance office don't seem to be too bright. I called again, bypassing the guidance receptionist, going straight to the main operator and directly to Rock Star's counselor.
She, of course, had never received my message with Rock Star's alternate choices. Go figure. We had a little chat and it turns out that there was suddenly an opening in Web Design 1. She immediately transferred him to the class, stating that it was a bit of a competition between counselors at this point to get kids into the classes they want. She also told me that they were dissolving the reading class altogether so they were going to have to change all the kids' classes anyway. I just managed to get Rock Star taken care of first.

She asked me if there was a way I could contact Rock Star before she could - if I could maybe text him. I told her no as I have disabled text on his phone and he doesn't have it on in school anyway. "Oh," she says, "He's a GOOD kid."
Well, yeah.

Rock Star came home and I asked if he had his schedule change.

"They are canceling the class and sent us all to band."
"No, you have Web Design!"

So now it is all official. I checked his schedule online and it is now correct. Oh the hoops we have to jump through with the high school bureaucracy! Persistence is key in these battles. But now, all is well.

Oh, and I got a big hug and a DQ Blizzard as a thank you.
I love that kid.

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