Thursday, August 28, 2008

Are your children watching the Democratic Convention?

I remember back in 1974, I was 8 years old. My parents were watching Richard Nixon's resignation from the Presidency. It was a bit boring and I started to complain. My mother responded that I was "watching history". She was right, and that moment has stuck with me as a "flash memory" ever since. I came to realize that we were at a defining moment in American History. I have the same type of memory of 9/11. A strong and clear recollection with the distinct notion that the world I live in would never be the same.

It is much the same today. No matter what side of the political debate you are on, there is no question that this year's Democratic Convention marks a milestone in American politics. It is the first time an African American has secured the nomination for President from one of the major political parties. In a country founded by slave owners, where civil rights for African Americans did not even remotely come up to par until the last few decades, it is an incredible thing for us to transcend racism and nominate Barack Obama to the highest office in the nation.

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No matter who wins the general election, Obama's nomination has torn down a barrier for the minorities of this country. I believe that in the future our government will be much more diverse as the American people become more and more willing to break from the status quo. It is a wonderful thing in a democratic nation for our government to reflect the face of all its people.

My children have kept an eye on this presidential race for awhile and have definite political opinions of their own. While they have no say at this age, they understand the effect it can have on their lives. They, too, remember 9/11. They too live in a racially and financially mixed society. They also understand that what happens in the next 4 years will define the world they will come into their own in as adults.

And so, tonight, my children will watch Obama's acceptance speech. While they may not understand its significance today, eventually they will realize that they, too were "watching history".

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