Monday, August 25, 2008

Fighting For the Rock Star's education. Pt. 1

Is it just me or does everyone have crazy Mondays?

I spent a near sleepless weekend worrying about dealing with Rock Star's school. All those memories of high school flooding back! The thought of having to go back there and experience it all again. The hallowed halls of my Alma Mater. Facing "The Office". I thought of every word I would say, every argument I could possibly have.

Rock Star picked a web design class for his schedule. It was approved by guidance and was on his online schedule up until the day he started school. Suddenly, instead of Web Design I, he had Advanced Reading. Uh... What?? The kid can read. He's already taking English II. Advanced! He has excellent test scores. He is highly gifted. His class grades stink. Why? Because in 10 years of public school, every time he found a program he liked, that he could excel at, that he cared about and that cared about him, the budget was cut, the program was cancelled and no one fought for him but his Dad and me. Last evening he even said, and I quote, "After having the rug pulled out from under me so many times, it's really a wonder I keep going back at all." And now he had a chance to take the first class in the career of his choice.
Web Design. IT. Programming. Graphic Arts. It was all there waiting. This was his first big step.
The introductory class!

So I plotted and planned my strategy. If his teacher was going to refuse him a class change form, well, I was going to go to the Guidance Counselor with guns blazing. I had all the reasons why he should change. I knew all the test scores, knew his prerequisites for the classes he needed, had everything under control. I would call and set up a meeting: Rock Star, the Guidance Counselor and me. They would know him and his needs. I would make them be on his side.
The claws were out and I was ready.

So I called the school:

"Rock Star needs a class changed!'
"Have him fill out the form."
"His teacher refuses to give him the form."
"That's ridiculous. Have him come to my office and get the form."

And that was it. They even sent him the message for me.

Talk about anti-climax!

It may not be the end of it. They may refuse his schedule change. I may still have to go in and fight the good fight to be an advocate for my child's education.
Just not today.

Maybe a Wednesday would be better.

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