Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fighting For the Rock Star's education. Pt. 2


Or something close to it. Rock Star brought home the form. It provided the following options for changing classes:

1. Student has already taken and passed the class.
2. Student is a senior who needs a required class to graduate.
3. Student is an undergraduate placed in a higher level class without completing the necessary prerequisites.

If you can not answer yes to any of the statements, you are NOT ELIGIBLE to change classes.

Well, if you are a parent, you can't take NO for an answer! It is our responsibility to fight for our kids. I wrote a lengthy but succinct letter to the Guidance Counselor explaining why Rock Star should not be in Reading and should be in Web Design as follows:

To (Rock Star’s) Guidance Counselor:

(Rock Star) would like to change his 7th period Reading class to Web Design. The three choices on the class change form do not apply, but I believe that there are mitigating circumstances.

1. Web Design was his original request.
2. This request was approved by the Guidance Dept.
3. Up until school started Web Design was on his schedule via Virtual Guidance Counselor. When he received his paper schedule at school, the class was Reading.
4. (Rock Star’s) plans for the future are in Information Technology. Web Design would work toward this goal and allow him to take more advanced computer classes in his remaining years at (Bedrock High School.)
5. (Rock Star) is already enrolled in English II Advanced.
6. (Rock Star) consistently receives (excellent marks) on the Reading portion of the (Standardized Test).

I believe that it would be more helpful for (Rock Star) to be enrolled in a class that works toward his future and actually interests him than to be in a class to practice for a test he routinely does well on or is at best redundant to his English class. (Rock Star) is highly gifted but low achieving and would be much better served with a class that is a challenge and in his prime area of focus.

It would be a pleasure for (Rock Star) and I to meet with you to discuss an outline for his future.

Thank you for your consideration.

Rock Star's Mom

This afternoon I received a phone call! Rock Star was wrongly placed in the Reading class. (Go figure.) Unfortunately, Web Design is over full. They would be happy to accommodate him with an available elective class. Now we have to find a class Rock Star wants that is available. We have a few ideas.

Just goes to show that you cannot lie down and take it when it comes to your children's needs. If we had taken his teacher's word or followed the form's directions, Rock Star would be stuck in the wrong class all year. I consider that a tragedy.

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Anonymous said...

Goodonya for fighting the good fight! Shame the class was filled, though. If they'd got it right the first time...

Here's hoping y'all can find something he'll love.